Friday, December 07, 2007

The awesome Cinematic Titanic World Premiere at ILM / LucasFilm was tonight... and it ROCKED.

We were sooooo lucky tonight to have the cast of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) come to ILM to perform their new Cinematic Titanic show LIVE!!!!

It was absolutely AMAZING.

I know that the show is 1) glorious and 2) damn awesome and 3) has a pretty intense computer-sciencey/slashdot-y/blog-o-sphere-y viewership. So, my fellow computer scientists/blog readers... I am deeeeeeeeeffffffffinitely not going to spoil the Cinematic Titanic crew's surprise for all their keen viewers and tell you/confirm/deny what movie they riffed on tonight. It was hilarious/crazy/amazing, but I think Joel might burn down my apartment if I gave away his trade secrets.

So now that we've got that awkward "I'm not going to tell you the film, so don't ask" moment out of the way... it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

As the Cinematic Titanic website promised, the original cast of MST3K showed up for some hilarious live movie riffing: Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstien, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl and TV’s Frank Conniff were all there making a crowded theater laugh their proverbial butts off.

Afterwards there was a really cool Q&A where we got to ask some questions about Cinematic Titanic, what their plans were for Cinematic Titanic, asked some questions about their experiences on MST3K and how they started their careers, what their favourite movie to riff on was over the years... pretty awesome stuff.

Now the BEST part???? A handful of us hung out afterwards and had some food and drinks with the cast, and we chatted with Joel for a good 10 or 15 minutes. He was REALLY awesome, and Ian brought up something in conversation that I had told him earlier... that before the show started this evening I had gone into the bathroom and just so happened to walk up to the only free urinal out of the 2 available in the bathroom. And guess who was beside me? Joel Hodgson!!!!!!! Of course I followed the unwritten "guy code" of urinal/bathroom etiquette... i.e. if John Mayer, Denzel Washington, or even comedic MST3K mastermind Joel Hodgson is standing beside you at a urinal... you don't say a WORD. Just stare STRAIGHT ahead.

Of course I missed the opportunity to talk to Joel (since I was following the "guy code", as you do), but Ian brought this story up to Joel, and he laughed and seemed to think it was pretty funny. We started talking about not "crossing the streams" - a reference to Ghostbusters (good movie) hahahaha. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yes, I peed directly beside the legendary creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and then discussed it in a comedic way with him afterwards.

And... best day ever.

Haha. Joel said to watch out for the upcoming premiere of the Cinematic Titanic movie riffing experience!!!!!!!! The website again is:

You should totally check it out, the cast is hilarious, and are just really nice, down-to-earth people, who just totally rock the house. Definitely check out the premiere DVD, it was a really funny show.

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