Wednesday, December 12, 2007

He'Brew Beer tasting event

Last night was fun, I took off to the 16th and Mission area to go to a bar there for a JCCSF event. It was pretty cool, it was a He'Brew Beer tasting event, they didn't give us much beer (which was good, cause beer is kinda gross), but there was also some random oily food there (good stuff), and we got an awesome He'Brew Pint glass with our entrance fee into the event.

There were a couple people there from the volunteering event the day before, and the same girl (Dena) was running this event too. It was great, chatted with some people, talked to some girls who seemed really nice, saw some friends who I met last week at the gaming night, and just chatted a bunch with everyone. We ended up staying way later than other people, until about 10pm, then took off and I took the bus back home. Pretty fun times, and I am really enjoying that I am starting to get more involved with the JCC here. It's really huge and awesome, and they have some cool events and people seem to be pretty keen on the community here.

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