Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LucasFilm Holiday Party 2007

Last weekend was the Lucas holiday party and it was just ammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaziing!!!!!!!!!!! It was in this glorious huge building downtown, and the theme was "Hollywood, Dollywood, Bollywood" - and so there were 3 different floors with different food and live musical acts. It was absolutely amazing. Definitely the best party yet at work, and one of the best events I think I've ever been to. It was absolutely unbelieveable!!!

As people arrived, there were photographers posing as paparazzi flashing tons of photos of you as you got out of the cab. :) It was hilarious/soooo cool. They flashed a bunch of photos of me as I was getting out of my cab, haha and yelled stuff like "Hey, can we have just a little something for the fans? Any news on upcoming blockbuster effects films?!" haha. I can see why celebrities end up having so many bad photos of themselves if paparazzi take that many candid photos of them. :) haha, so that was a really funny welcome, and I've got to say the first time I've ever been "paparazzied" (fake or otherwise) :)

Then into the glorious party and it was just mindblowingly amazing. Beautiful food, funny stuff like mashed potatoes served in a martini glass, and lamb chops in pomegranate sauce. Amazing. This was the "Hollywood" floor, and we hung out there for a while. There was a rock cover band who was rockin' out, and it was pretty awesome.

Downstairs was the "Dollywood" floor, with some great BBQ Beef and cornbread and a live country band, and a hilarious bull-ride thing that Frank and Josh and the other Texans did their best shot trying to ride. Haha classic.

Then upstairs was the "Bollywood" section, with some great chicken tikka and samosas, and some live Indian dancers. Each floor was decorated differently in a totally different style and I just loved it. I think everyone had an amazing time, and it really was just sooo cool and sooo fancy.

Seriously, one of the best parties I think I've ever been to. The food, the organization, the quality of everything, the people there, the music... sooo soooo good.

A nice one of Cary and his wife

Rachel and Justin

Matt and Miriam

Me, Matt, and mashed potato in a martini glass on the Hollywood floor

Mmm... food on the Dollywood floor

Cool decorations

Dollywood floor


Mmm... food

Workin' it

Another classic of Mir-yam and Gato

Workin' it 'ol school with Rachel and Aaron

Frank ridin' the steer, San Antonio style

Bollywood Floor

Amazing Indian dancers


Chillin' in the tea room with Frizzle-Dizzle

Frank and Jess

Alex and Jennifer

Haha and a super random photo at the end of the night. I walked into this photo with Essie and some girls I didn't know, and obviously had to strike a pose

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