Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vegas Day 2: The Las Vegas Lights

Today we did a Poker Lesson which was fun and cool to learn how to kindof play it. They tried to suck everyone into buying in after the "free lesson" and after the lesson we totally still had a pretty limited knowledge of poker. I was the only one who sat out of the buy-in, and I just watched and tried to learn some more.

Then we walked down the Las Vegas Blvd (or "The Strip", as it's called), walked into a bunch of the crazy casinos and checked out the wild decorations. It was really fun. There is some reaaaaaaaaally tacky stuff here, and the French flags at the casino called "Paris" and the huge Eiffel Tower was pretty much the tackiest thing here. Even tackier than the electric-blue turrets on our castle hotel. Amazing.

Then we walked over to the Rio and went to a Penn & Teller show!! It was really funny and cool, it was a magic show with a lot of comedy in it, and I really liked it. Good times!! They did some pretty crazy tricks and it was a great time.



The hotel has a wedding chapel?!!!

Our hotel

The hotel has a moat?!?!!


"New York New York" casino

Our hotel, Excalibur

Awesome roller coaster around the New York New York casino


Sign for New York New York

Entrance to New York New York

"Brooklyn Bridge"

Sweet Coca Cola ad

Monte Carlo casino

Sweet McDonald's sign

Planet Hollywood

Paris casino

Bellagio sign

Water fountain show at Bellagio

More water fountain

"Paris" hahaha


Caesar's Palace

Inside Caesar's Palace

More Caesar's Palace


We went to this smaller casino too

Cool sign

Shot of the "Eiffel Tower" haha

The Rio

The Palms

Hey, it's Teller from Penn & Teller!

Penn from Penn & Teller

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