Friday, December 28, 2007

Visit to London, Ontario

It's been lots of fun for the past few days in London!!!!!

I have been chillin' and had a great time Boxing Day shopping with Norm. I got some Tommy Hilfiger jeans for $40, on sale from $115?!?! Sweet. And now they can replace my jeans that had a massive hole in an unsavory location (i.e. the crotch) haha. Also found a couple of Cars toys I didn't have, Old School Ramone and Ghostlight Ramone, good times.

Today lots of nice walking with my family and then tonight I went out with Ans and it was super awesome. We chatted for about 2 hours solid about our jobs, what kind of work we are doing, how it compares to other experiences we've had, how we are enjoying the atmosphere at our jobs, and challenges and stuff like that. It was awesome to hear all about how Ans is doing, he's working at GE in Peterborough and it sounds like he's doing an awesome job.

Then we went to Judy Tran's family's restaurant, and chilled there, Annie Kim (also from our high school) was there too and it was great to catch up and talk a bunch and it was Judy's birthday so extra awesome to hang out with her on her special day. Fun times.

Tomorrow I am going to Waterloo!!!

Haha slot machines in the Vegas airport

The dinner I ate in Detroit, a hot dog, a muffin and some juice!!

Mom on Dad's lap, haha

Mom and Dad!!!!!

Me and my Sister Norma

Haha this napkin says "Sweet times!"

Lights in Victoria Park

Me and Slamma

Ans at William's Coffee Pub

Me at William's

Doing some classic poses with Ans, Judy and Annie

Some chicken balls that Judy's brother made for us

Ans and Annie

Judy trying to open some Champagne

Ans after opening the Champagne and shooting the cap across the room!!

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