Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Frank and Jess's Wedding: Afterparty

After the wedding reception, we headed back to our hotel room and changed out of our sweaty tuxedos and got into our PJs which was pretty much awesome. Then a bunch of people came to hang out, Jess's sister and brother, Josh, Taylor, Jon, Angelique, and even Jess's Dad came for a bit!! That was great, and we had lots of drinks and Jon, Angelique and Taylor came with a bunch too so everyone had something there. We even had some champagne!!!!!! It was fun and the radio in the hotel room had an iPod adapter, and I had my iPod with me so I got to be DJ for the evening which worked out well too.

It was great to hang out with everyone and I had an awesome time, and I think they did too!! We partied from about midnight to about 3:30am, and then everyone left and we went right to bed.

On Sunday morning I got up pretty early and Kevin and Taylor drove me to the airport via a Starbucks. The flight back home was pretty good, a bit bumpy but this time they had food other than just cheeseburgers so I could actually eat the food. :) The movie was MUCH better too, it was "Stardust" which I saw a few months ago but I loved it, so that was really really reaaaaaaaaaally awesome. I started to read a book called "Everything is Illuminated." I've seen the movie already, and it was excellent, and so I am pretty excited to read the book. So far it is amazing.

Anyway, what an amazing time at the wedding, and I just loved being there and visiting Texas and it was very kind of Frank and Jess to ask me to help out and be an usher for their wedding - I felt really honoured that they asked me to do that, considering I am sure they have lots of important friends who they've known for a lot longer than me. That was amazing. What a great weekend!!!!

Kev in our hotel room

Jess's brother Kyle and sister Caitlin

Taylor with some champagne

Kev and Jess's Dad

More chillin' and junk food

Workin' it

John rockin' out

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Unknown said...

I soooooooooo did not get to hang out with all of you wonderful amazing and gloriously sexy people enough. I still feel like it was a total blur. You are all amazing, and I want some latkes before you run out.