Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Indian Food, Last night of Chanukkah

Tonight was... awesome!! Haha big surprise, eh? Oh wait, no. Everything is awesome.

Anyway, tonight was in fact pretty darn awesome. We watched the movie "I am Legend" which was crazy, see my review in an earlier post. Then Josh and Jess drove me and my bike and all my stuff back to my apartment in their truck which was really helpful. Then we went over the Polk and Pine area somewhere near where Julien lives and went to a cool Indian place that Stephan and Katherine suggested. It was really nice and really cheap too. Good stuff.

Then I came back to my place, lit the Chanukkah candles (last night of Chanukkah tonight) and then finally opened my Jones Soda Chanukkah Pack of hilariously-flavoured sodas, and put them in the fridge after taking some artsy Chanukkah photos with the tasty looking (yet weird flavoured) soda bottles.

Jess, Katherine, Stephan and Frank

Jess and Katherine

Stephan and Frizzle-Grizzle


Frank wearing my hat, me wearing Frank's hat

Jones Soda Chanukkah Pack box

Mmm... crazy flavours

Oooh... Chanukkah-y

It took about 10 tries to get a photo with a spinning dreidel in it


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