Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Marc Ecko Cut and Sew Star Wars Clothing

This is super awesome. I posted a little while back with some links to the Marc Ecko Star Wars clothing that is coming out soon, and just wanted to post some more about it.

MAAAAN it is so awesome. The best thing I think is either the Star Wars Boba Fett hoodie, or even cooler is the Star Wars Hoth Parka. There are finally some photos online of the Hoth Parka, and oh man, I am totally buying this. Looks like you can get some of the Marc Ecko Star Wars stuff at Macy's at the moment, and some other online stores have it now too. I think we can safely say I am going to go to town on this, and get a whole bunch of it. Marc Ecko AND Star Wars?!?!? I mean, c'mon!!!!!!!! This is totally awesome.

Check it out. The first link is the Hoth Parka... how freakin' cool is that?!??!?!?!!


Anonymous said...

new ecko star warz collection is availble on this site

Scott said...

I’m a huge and life long Star Wars fan and I’m also into urban fashions like Ecko Clothing so this is a happy union for someone like me. I’ve recently seen a Boba Fett hoodie that looked pretty tight, but I’m wondering what else there is going to be? Hopefully there will be a large variety of styles and themes to choose from.