Monday, December 10, 2007

Yo IMDB, what's the deal?!

Hehe so I finally gave up waiting for IMDB to give me some love. IMDB (or the "Internet Movie Database") is pretty much the biggest/awesomest online movie database. I had heard from friends that they don't get the credit lists from the production companies, and as an employee/worker in special effects, you pretty much have to just add your own credits, yourself. I was hoping for some slick, self-esteem boosting star treatment like at Yahoo! Movies or - they seem to just add the entire credit list for every film that comes out.

Anyway, I was just going to wait until eventually someone added the entire credit list of Ratatouille to IMDB, but I finally gave up, signed up for an IMDB account and added myself. :) Jake added himself a good 2 years ago I think, haha so at least I was patient enough to wait at least until a month or so after it came out on DVD. :) Haha, anyway, hopefully that'll be up there soon.

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