Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frank and Jess's Wedding: Rehersal and Dinner

I got to Texas on Friday afternoon and Kev picked me up at the airport, then it was straight to the church for the wedding rehearsal. Everyone seemed pretty calm and once the rehearsal started, it went pretty quickly. Good stuff. Kev, Josh and I were ushers so we didn't have to do much practicing. We mostly just hung out and helped out a bit, it was fun.

After that we went to a reaaaaaaaaaaally awesome Louisiana-style Cajun food restaurant for the Rehearsal Dinner!! It was AMAZING!!!! I reaaaaally liked the food, some amazing chicken and beans and potatoes, pretty awesome stuff. We made some jokes about Frank and Jess and lots of people did a little speech saying something embarrassing about Frank or Jess. I told the story about how Frank played World of Warcraft (a video game) alllll weekend on the weekend before I was leaving California in the term we were roommates. :) I had a T-Shirt for Frank too that said, "Frank the Tank" and had a little video-game style tank picture on it, so I used it as a prop and as a little present to go along with my speech. Good times!!

It was cool to meet Frank and Jess's family and friends, everyone was really nice and people thought I was cool cause I am from Canada. :) I really enjoyed it, his parents were very welcoming and it was quite a nice surprise that he asked me to be in the wedding party. Awesome.

Trying on my new tux shirt

At the church for the rehersal


Frank with Jon and Angelique

Kev, Angelique, Jon

Cool Cajun restaurant we went to

Haha, funny sign

Nate making a weird face

Word up


Frizzle rockin' the camera

Nate and his girl

Christy, the maid of honour

Jon rockin' some food

Kev beardin' it up

Mmm... chicken, beans, potato and cornbread!!


Jess and Frank's sister Susannah

Josh, Angelique, Jon going for dessert

Angelique doing a little speech

Haha Frank and Jess

I love this photo

Frank and Jess and Frank's Dad

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