Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Volunteering at the JCC

Sunday afternoon was great. I got up at Noon after the crazy party the night before, and headed right to the JCC to volunteer for the Kids Chanukkah Fair. It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun. There were a bazillion crazy kids running around and being crazy and boisterous and loud, and it was just great. I got to run the dreidel game (a dreidel is a spinning top, and the game requires kids to sit in a circle, take their turn, and try to win chocolate). Needless to say, it was nuts. At one point I was trying to entertain about 12 kids at once, keep them interested in the game, make sure they were taking their turns, remember everyone's name, asking other kids who were wandering around or pushing their way in if they wanted to join, dealing with the chocolate money that the kids wanted to win, making sure kids didn't take more than their share of the chocolate money, trying to deal with a little guy who found my stash bowl of chocolate money and who looked about 2 years old who kept running by, ignoring me when I said, "Hey buddy, want to play?!" and stealing a handfull of chocolate coins, dropping a few, and running off again... haha it was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway that was absolutely nuts but so fun. After that I chilled out and just helped at the reception desk to give people stamps and bracelets for the dinner afterwards. Then a bit of cleanup, more chatting with everyone there, and then I biked home quickly to set up for my latke making party.

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