Thursday, December 27, 2007

Last night in Vegas

Last night we got back to Vegas after the long drive from the Grand Canyon and checked into our hotel for the night which was Treasure Island, it was soooooooooo fancy and really a lot classier and more impressive than the Excalibur where we stayed earlier. The rooms were really nice, the casino was fancy and it was generally a really slick place. The art in the rooms was way less tacky and we even had a flat screen TV!! Pretty cool stuff.

We wandered around a bit, took more photos of the Venetian and The Mirage and other casinos in the area and then went to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. John had never been there before... crazy!!!!!! We got some awesome food, I got a Toohey's New which was really nice and I haven't had one of those since I was in Australia. Good stuff. Then down to the casino for a bit of random card stuff, John played blackjack a bunch and I watched, and then wasted another few bucks on slot machines, which was silly/a waste of money, but kindof fun.

Then back to Treasure Island to get packed and ready to go.

Hoover Dam at night

The lights as we drove into Vegas at night

The view from our sweeeeeeet hotel room

Super awesome hotel room, this one was the best of the whole trip

Fancy TV


Even the bathroom rocked

haha "ti" sticker (for "Treasure Island") on the toilet paper roll, haha

Wynn Casino

Treasure Island

Treasure Island sign

Venetian Casino

The Palazzo and the Wynn

"Canals" in the Venetian

The Venetian was super cool

Me at the "Venice Canals"

Canals and Gondola rides, soooooo tacky, but reaalllly cool

Treasure Island

Another pic of the Venetian

The Mirage

Toohey's New!!

Dinner at the Outback

The Venetian was probably the nicest looking casino in Vegas

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