Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frank and Jess's Wedding: Wedding and Reception

The wedding was pretty quick, about 1 hour including photos afterwards!! Amazing. So Kevin, Josh and I were ushers and we were running back and forth seating people before 6:00pm. Then at 6 we started seating the grandparents, parents and close family, and it went pretty smoothly.

The wedding was great and over pretty quickly, and then we went to the reception hall which was absolutely amazing. It was in the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which was a REALLY cool place to have the reception! The food was fantastic, there was some carefully selected music by Jess, and there were nice drinks and people and everything. And... dinosaurs!!!!!!!! It was really funny, there were big dinosaurs in the museum and lots of cool exhibits too that you could check out while you were waiting for the dinner to be ready. Really fun. After the food there were a few short speeches and then all the people who were from Texas A&M there (which was quite a LOT of people) did a big massive Texas A&M cheer, which was hilarious and SO cool. I posted a video of that yesterday. Good times!! After that we did a bunch of dancing, I busted a move a bit with Frank and Jess which was fun, and then it wrapped up and we said bye to everyone and headed back to the hotel for the afterparty.

Frank, Jess and family at the wedding


More dinosaurs at the reception

Kev and I rockin' out

Lookin' sharp

Workin' it

Frank dancing with his Mom

Dinner time

Mmm... amazing food!! Sweet Potato, salad, fish and steak

Everyone watching Frank and Jess cut the wedding cake

Frank and Jess cutting the wedding cake

Frank's parents, Jess's parents, and grandparents

Mmm... cake

Jess dancing with her Dad

Frank and some awesome A&M people workin' the dance floor

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