Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Frank and Jess's Wedding: Chillin' and Ice Cream

After the rehearsal dinner, we went back to the hotel which was really nice. We went straight back out from there to a pub called "The Black Labrador" and it was really chill and pretty amazing cause it was about 80 F (26 Celcius) at 10pm!!!! It was really nice outside so we hung out on the patio there and it was great. We chilled for a while, and then a few people left and we stayed until about 12. Then back to the hotel for some Blue Bell Ice Cream (Kev's favourite Texas Ice Cream), and some candy and chillin'.

Sweet hotel

Our hotel room

Rockin' out at the pub with Jon and Angelique

Taylor back at our hotel room for some ice cream

Kev eating the ice cream out of a cup, we didn't have spoons or bowls

Me chillin'

Man that is good Ice Cream

Cool License plate

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