Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Grand Canyon Day 1

We got to the Grand Canyon and... dang!!!!! It's freakin' HUGE!! :) It was really, reaaaaaaaaaaally cool and we took a nice hike to some different lookouts and I took like a bazillion photos. Then checked into Kachina Lodge which was super nice and then headed back outside of the park to go see a 30 minute IMAX Film on the Grand Canyon.

Then back to the El Tovar Dining Room for a nicer dinner than we'd been having in Las Vegas... pretty awesome food. Then we had a chocolate taco for dessert?!??! It was so weird we had to order it.

The Grand Canyon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me at the Grand Canyon


"You are here" hehe cool


More glorious views

Sweet awesomeness

John standing kinda close to the edge

There was snow there too!!

This "rocked" (ha ha)


Me and the awesomness

Our cool room

John and the TV


The rafting boat used to raft the Colorado River Rapids for the filming of the IMAX Grand Canyon movie in 1984

Haha this was nuts

Nice Christmas Tree

John and the Chocolate Taco

Fancy El Tovar dining room

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