Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vegas Day 3: Back to Red Rocks

Today we went back to Red Rocks for some more bouldering. It was waaaaaaaaay better in many ways than our first trip out there on Friday, since the weather was MUCH better, so the rocks were much warmer and there was less wind too. We were also way less nervous about climbing so we did a much better job and had a more exciting time with many more climbs. It was AWESOME!!!!!!

We did a few big ones, and one of the climbs I did, I went up really cleanly and hardly hesitated at all, it was in general a much better climbing day than Friday. Good stuff!!

Tonight we came back and had a smaller dinner, I just got some Chili and Breadsticks, now John is downstairs in the casino playing poker, and I've got a couple hours left of internet here so I figure I'd post again since we're off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I tried to watch Simpsons but I guess it's not on here.

In the casino there was a booth with "Bico Australia" metal pendants, and I remember those from Australia cause they are awesome!!! Anyway I had no idea they had them here in the USA, so I was pretty excited to see them. And more excitingly they had a suuuuper cool Star of David in this surfer-y Australia kindof style pendant, it's freakin' cool and I decided to just get it. It was a little cheaper online but it's nice to get it right away, and it wasn't that much more just buying it here. Very cool stuff. I've got a nice leather necklace/chain thing from Greece I can put it on. Sweet.

Bico Australia Star of David pendant

So we're off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, and hopefully on the way back we can check out the Hoover Dam, that would be sweeeeeeeeeet!!

Anyway, lots of great photos.

Red Rocks sign on the way

Me climbing up a rock

Me workin' it

Cool pic of me climbing the rock, and the scenery

Another one of me climbing


Happy to be at the top

John sizing up a rock


This one was called "The Cube" and was too big to climb

Some guy we met who was very good at climbing

Me at the top of the warm up boulder

Join going down the crack in the warm up boulder

What upppp!!!!!!

Cool cactus on the ground

Me at the top of a rock

John coming down the "Pearl" rock

John tired and ready to go back to the hotel

Funny pic of me

The sun was setting and the temperature dropped a lot, so we headed back to Las Vegas.

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